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Deeply Detoxing + Translucently WhiteningSpecially formulated for very sensitive skin.

  1. Whole face.
  2. This product must be used in conjunction with the ULTRAJET.
  1. Recommended for use every morning and evening.
  2. Skin should first be cleansed and dried. Spray the skin continuously for 1 minute with the ULTRAJET held at a 45 degree
    angle 10cm away from the face. (Do not overuse!) After spraying, allow 2 minutes (massaging is not necessary) for
    nutrients to be completely absorbed. Recommended using EQUA MEMBRANE to enhance skin moisturizing.
  3. This product is rich in extracts derived from fruits and vegetables. Skin may take on a slight yellow tinge after use, which
    results from the natural coloring left behind, and will be naturally absorbed by the skin. This product is recommended for
    nighttime use.
  1. Due to the freshness of its active ingredients, the product can keep for 5 weeks at room temperature, and 6 months in
  2. Please keep the product in a cool, dry place out of the reach of children.
  3. This product is for external use only. Please discontinue use at any sign of discomfort.
  4. This product is the advanced intensive version of the Detox & Equa Series, specially designed for customers who have
    been using D1/D2/D3 for over one month. This product delivers skin care nourishment deep the skin's layers, and helps
    to stabilize skin balance. If you have neve before used this product series, please do not purchase without consultation
    with our specialist. We recommend that you from among D1 to D3 based on your individual skin type.
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